2020 FEES

Monthly Fee: The monthly fees are as following:

The monthly fee will be payable monthly in advance in respect of each month up to and INCLUDING DECEMBER, where after the annual fee increase will be implemented and the monthly fee will be adjusted accordingly.

Fees Inquiry

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Very Important: For Our Reference please use your child’s Name & Surname
All fees are due in advance. There will be no refunds for days missed, this includes sick days, public holidays, the Parents holidays, KKC holidays etc.

Note that there will be an annual increase of 10 % in the monthly fee.

Payments to be made by the 1st OF EACH MONTH or 15th OF EACH MONTH.

NB: Parents should advise the School the date that suits them to pay and remain consistent to avoid penalties. Please send/email your proof of payment to KKC as soon as you have made payment. Should you have any challenges, please inform the pre-school beforehand.