The mission of this preschool is to provide an environment that will enrich the physical, cognitive, social, emotional and educational growth of the individual child.

The following criteria are considered when planning our curriculum:

  • Self-esteem and positive self-image are enhanced through individual and group discussion, creative expression (art, blocks, etc), sharing of home experiences and acceptance of each child’s individuality.
  • Social interaction is enhanced through group activities and sharing of equipment, singing, group discussion, learning to participate in the daily routine and following the program rules.
  • Self-expression and communication skills are enhanced through art and dramatic play, block and doll play, singing, puppets and show & share.
  • Large muscle development is enhanced through climbing equipment, riding toys, group games and outdoor play.
  • Small muscle development enhanced through the use of puzzles, manipulative games and toys, cutting and colouring activities and finger plays.
  • Intellectual growth is enhanced through group discussion, including coincidental and specific references to colours, numbers and identification skills, through the use of puzzles, alphabet letters, number cards, recognition and matching games, books and pictures.