A Loving School Environment

As we all know school or creche can be a very scary thing for a child who has not been in an educational environment before. When you are looking for a school its important to think of the following:

  1. What is the environment like?
  2. What are the teachers like?
  3. What stands out for you?

These three questions are crucial for more than one reason. Having a happy and healthy school environment will build a happy and healthy child, and all parents want that for their child. The teachers play a big role in your child’s lives at school so its important to observe their behavior around the other children, are they friendly, how do they manage conflict amount the children, what does their classroom look like, is it well organized and well presented?

Here at Kings Kid Creche we pride ourselves in caring and nurturing each child as an individual. We are situated in a house which creates a warm loving environment for your child to learn, play and grow.

2019 enrollments are now open. Email admin@kingskidcreche.co.za or call 012 753 3527    

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