The Importance of Creche or Early Education

Each child is unique

The Importance Of Early/ Creche education

In the early years of a child’s development the focus is on the child as a whole. Children start developing and learning before they are even born, and they never stop learning. A child learns the most during their first seven years of life. This makes crèche or nursery school the most crucial time in their development as this is when their foundation for any and all future learning is built.


Each child is unique and they each learn in their own way. Children learn best through play and exploration, this is what makes early schooling so important. It is important to remember that each child is a capable and competent being. They are young citizens and the future youth of our world. It is important that their voice be heard and taken into consideration. This will boost their self-confidence and allow them to speak freely amongst their peers.


Children learn in the early years or in crèche by using their senses: sight, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling. At this age sensorimotor development is crucial. This means they learn about their surroundings using their senses and motor/ muscle movement actions.

To promote growth and development at home try and create opportunities for your child to explore. Activities like treasure hunts, tasting and smelling games blindfolded, listening games or anything else that encourages your child to use their senses.


A good ECD center or crèche will include various sensory areas and exploration opportunities for your child. Most importantly it will allow your child to grow and develop in their own way as an individual.

Each child is unique

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