How we teach our children

How we teach our young learners

Children learn through play and by imitating others, especially those in their life.

Through play:
It is important for children to play in order to learn. There is no other activity in a child’s life that is as valuable for the purpose of learning. A Grade R pupil’s program that limits the time they spend in play is one that limits their opportunities to learn. This is an important fact for us as teachers to keep in mind.

What does this mean?
We are to use our children’s natural way of learning into our teaching approach.

Play is often overlooked and under-valued by some teachers and by many adults. Some even regard it as unproductive.

We here at King’s Kid Crèche like to teach children through the use of play as this helps the children to remember things better. Play is not just a mere recreational activity but very important for our children’s development.

This doesn’t mean discipline must go out the door, not at all. We as teachers must create a positive, safe and controlled area in which children can play certain games for the purpose of learning.

There are five factors to be taken into consideration for enhancing the quality of meaningful play and imitation in a classroom.

1. Imaginative play: here opportunity is given to play in the fantasy area according to the planned theme.
2. Building with blocks: block play can be enriched with additional props to link the play to the planned theme.
3. Manipulative play: these would include playing with water, clay or mud.
4. Suitable games: these make use of educational toys such as dominoes, puzzles, memory games or using shapes, numbers and colours.
5. Play apparatus for gross motor development: these allow riding tricycles, bicycles, climbing on outdoor equipment and hanging from outdoor equipment.
Safety comes first:
It is important to make sure all equipment used, or toys played with are checked and kept in good condition at all times. It is of vital importance that accidents are prevented and all toys or equipment that can hurt any child in any way be thrown away. At King’s Kid Crèche we pride ourselves in keeping to the saying: “prevention is better than cure.”
Written by Teacher Festina

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  1. Great stuff! Your are spot on Teacher Festina.
    Play is the best way children express themselves and is so important for their development. Thank you for sharing this powerful and insightful blog. You have empowered me and several others. Well done!

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