Food, Glorious Food

Me and my Kitchen

As the cook at King’s Kid Crèche, I would like to use this opportunity to share on how I prepare the food for our children.

Firstly, I change the menu on a weekly basis.By doing this the children don’t get bored with eating the same food week in and week out.

Secondly, when planning the menu, I make sure all nutrients are included in the meals.And, when cooking the meals, I make sure everything is well cooked.

So how do I know my food is any good? Well, here at King’s Kid Crèche, the children ask for a second helping.Some of them even ask for a third serving. The only time a child does not finish their food is when they are sick or not feeling well.

Some parents even ask me for my recipes so that they can feed their children the same food at home.

I keep a list of the children who have allergies on my wall in the kitchen so that I can make sure I don’t serve any of them the wrong food. This helps me avoid making mistakes. It is very important to make sure the food I serve is good and healthy for everyone.

Hygiene is very important to me and so I keep my kitchen floors, cooking surfaces, dishes and counter tops as clean and germ free as possible. I avoid any diseases caused by dirtiness. I also wash my hands before food preparation, during cooking and after cooking, before serving the food.

Food is my passion and I provide our children with breakfast, lunch and two snacks. Everything I make has nutritional value and no junk food is ever served.

Parents, please don’t hesitate to visit our school, meet me and bring your children to our school.

Written by Cook Gertrude


  1. Christine Kasaija Mbabazi

    Chef Gertrude I can attest to everything you have said. I have tasted your food too hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mouth-watering glorious food. Indeed our King’s Kid Creche children enjoy your cooking; we have seen several of them who were not keen on eating when they had just joined the creche; now they dig in and ask for seconds and more. You are so passionate and meticulous in everything you do. Good to know that the parents appreciate your cooking and their own children keep referring to your food.
    Kudos Gertrude!! Keep it up.

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