What is respect and what does it mean to respect others? One often hears that respect is earned, so how do you earn respect?

R: REALITY: YOU are not the only one with feelings!

E: EXPECT respect by giving respect

S: STOP and listen

P: PATIENCE takes you a long way

E: EXTRA: go the extra mile for someone

C: CARE for others as you want them to care for you

T: TRY: some people need more than you are willing to give

According to the dictionary:

  1. Respect is a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something by their abilities, qualities or achievements.
  2. Respect is to have consideration of others feelings, wishes or rights.

Most of the time lack of respect is due to lack of understanding and lack of education. We were all created by the same God but we all have different diverse backgrounds and our cultures differ. Every single person on this beautiful earth has had to face some or other struggle, fight or challenge in their life.

The sad thing is, is people are so quick to judging others which often leads to people being offended and this leads to lack of understanding and no respect for others.

So, until we can reach her point where we can walk in each other’s shoes, stop judging and stop placing people in a certain class, we will never show respect, teach respect or earn respect.

At King’s Kid Creche we teach our children the value of respecting one another as individuals no matter what their background is, their race or where they come from.

It basically all boils down to one little 4- letter word: LOVE! If you truly love someone unconditionally then respect for them for follow naturally.


by Teacher Chantal


Wat is respek en wat beteken dit om ander te respekteer? Daar is gesê dat respek verdien is of verdien moet word,so, hoe verdien jy respek?

R: REALITEIT: JY is nie die enigste person met gevoelens nie!

E: EERSTE: as jy respek wil ervaar wees die eerste een wat respek wys

S: STOP en luister!

P:  PROBEER om ander mense te verstaan

E: EKSTRA: gaan uit jou pad uit om vir ander om te gee

K: KANS: vat n kans

Volgens die woordeboek beteken respek:

  1. ̕n Gevoel van diep bewondering van iemand of iets asgevolg van hulle vermoëns, einskappe of prestsies.
  2. Om ander mense se gevoelens, regte en en wense in ag te neem.

Meerste van die tyd is daar nie respek asgevolg van gebrek aan begrip of gebrek aan kennis. Ons is almal deur die selfde God geskape maar ons kom van verskillende agtergronde  af en ons culture verskil. Elke person op die pragtige aarde moes een of ander tyd teen ̕n stryd staan, baklei of ̕n uitdaging in hul lewens gehad.

Die slegte ding is dat mense te gou is om ander te oordeel wat maak dat mense ̕n aanstoot vat en dit lei tot ̕n misverstand en dit toon dan geen respek nie.

So, tot ons die punt kan bereik waar ons in mekaar se vootspore kan trap, ophou mekaar oordeel, ophou mense in sekere klas sit, sal ons nooit respek vir mekaar wys nie, nooit respek kan leer nie an nooit respek verdien nie.

Hier by King’s Kid Creche leer ons die kinders die waarde daarvan om mekaar te respekteer maak nie saak van hul agtergrond, hul kulteer of waarvan daan hul kom nie.

Basies kom dit neer op een klein 6 letter woord: LIEFDE! As jy werklik iemand  onvoorwaarlik lief het, dan sal respek vir mekaar volg.

Deur Juffrou Chantal

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