Routine Enhances Learning for Children

Routine enhances learning for children
Routine Daily Activtities

Children learn better when they relate to a consistent routine. Children learn to associate several experiences to the routine they are exposed to. For example, at night if a baby is usually woken up to feed, the child will learn to expect a feed at that time of the night.

As children grow they are taught about brushing teeth, bathing, brushing their hair in the morning, this becomes a habit.  They will know that they cannot have breakfast before certain chores are completed.  This also applies later in life.  If children are taught routine around meal times, bed time, story time, praying before going to bed or when they wake up first thing in the morning, clean their rooms, pack their own toys after playing, washing hands before eating, saying “Thank You” when one offers them something etc. these actions become encrypted in their developing brains and they learn to associate certain things with routine actions. Learn more about Routine

Why Routine Is Important for Learning

Routine helps children to plan and be organized. This allows them to adapt to a structured lifestyle. Repeated consistent actions help children to understand time management, appreciate how much time each chore takes.  Routine provides them a sense of fulfillment and achievement when they complete their daily tasks. They become self-reliant with clarity on what they need to accomplish in a day. it teaches children to be responsible and be accountable for the things they are expected to do. Routine help children to explore more in life to achieve more.

Routine Makes Parenting More Enjoyable

Parents who invest time in training their children to have some routine in their lives, have a fun-time raising children.  A structured lifestyle is very important to children as well as parents.  It helps parents to create rules to guide everyone in the family.

People often comment that so and so’s child was “well brought up”. This is because such children where ever they go they can display a behavior that is acceptable to other people/ families.  The child usually knows what to do and when.  Such children are self – directed and responsible. They are confident, organized and very easy to relate with. Parents of such children don’t get sleepless nights wondering if their child will cope if s/he goes for his first school camp or to spend a night a relative’s place. Routine help parents to trust their own children and allow them to be independent. Routine can be created for any age as children cover their development milestones.

By Dr Christine

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