You have the Power!

You have been given the greatest gift a person can ever be given…. the gift of life!

Many might not know the struggles you have gone through to have what you have today but none of that matters. What matters now is what you will do with the gift you have been given.

Life is a gift from God and what you do to life is your gift back to God!

So how are you taking care of your precious gift?

There is an old English saying: “Sticks and stones might break my bones, but words shall never harm me”, these words cannot be further from the truth. Even the Word of God in Proverbs 18:21, teaches us that there is the power of life and death in the tongue.

You have the power to make or break any child whether it’s your son, your daughter, a niece or nephew or maybe you are a teacher.

Did you know that even something as simple as choosing your child’s name can impact your child’s life? If the name you choose has a negative meaning, then every time you call your child you are proclaiming that negativity over him or her but if the name you choose has a positive meaning then every time you call them you are blessing them with positivity.

How often do you tell your child you love them? Or are you too busy shouting at them about things they are doing wrong? When last have, you told your child how proud you are of them? Or do you only see or focus on the things they do wrong all the time? How about the little things that are more important?

Here at King’s Kid Creche we believe in talking to our children with love and respect and teach them that how you treat others is how you will be treated.

Time is not promised to us and time flies by so quickly. What are you doing to make time count? What memories are you making for and with your child? Are you building an unforgettable love or a lifetime of anger and hatred?

How is your child’s behavior? Are they doing minor misdemeanors just to try get your attention? After all, to a child any attention is good even if its negative. But when will it end?

There is not one child that asked to be born. All a child wants and needs is being cared for, provided for, loved, appreciated, and accepted. At what lengths are you willing to go to just show your child unconditional love? Speak life into your precious gift. Don’t be afraid to discipline them but do it in love. Build a relationship with them where they can learn to love and respect others as you love and respect them.

The power to build a positive outlook in life lies in your hands and in your words of love or destruction.

Written by Teacher Chantal


Krag lê by jou!

Aan u is die grootse, mees kosbare  geskenk ooit gegee…die geskenk van lewe!

Baie mense sal nooit weet waardeur jy alles moes deur gaan om te wees tot waar jy vandag is nie. Maar op die huidige oomblik maak dit nie meer saak nie. Al wat nou tel is wat jy met jou geskenk van lewe gaan doen.

Lewe is geskenk van God af en wat jy met jou lewe maak is jou  geskenk terug aan God.

Hoe sorg jy  vir jou kosbare  geskenk?

Daar is ̕n baie bekende Engeselse  gesegte: “Sticks and stones might break my bones but words shall never harm me”, dit is so ver  van die waarheid af dit is nie eers snaaks nie. Selfs die Woord van God vertel ons in Spreuke 18:21,ons leer en lees dat daar krag van lewe en dood in die tong is .

Jy het die krag om ̕n kind af te kraak of op te bou, of dit nou jou seun of dogter is, jou niggie of neefie of dalk is jy ̕n onderwyser.

Het jy geweet  selfs iets so eenvoudig soos jou naam se kind kies is van groot belang? Die naam wat jy vir jou kind kies  maak ̕n groot impak op hulle lewens . Die betekenis van jou kind se naam is van groot belang want elke keer wanneer jy jou kind roep, spreek jy of ̕n seëning of ̕n vloek oor sy lewe uit.

Hoe gereeld vertel jy jou kind dat jy hom of haar lief het? Of is jy te besig om op hulle te skreeu vir iets wat hulle verkeerd gedoen het? Wanneer laas het jy jou kind laat weet hoe trots jy op hulle is? Of is jy dalk te besig of te gefokus op wat hulle verkeerd doen? Wat van die klein dingertjies wat meer belangruk is?

Hier by King’s Kid Creche glo ons dit is belangruk dat ons met kinders praat met liefde en respek en leer hul dat hoe jy ander hanteer is hoe ander jou sal hanteer.

Geskryf deur Juffrou Chantal

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  1. That’s a powerful word and piece of advice. Awesome blog Chantal!

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