Early Childhood Stimulation- why it is so important

Child Stimulation

Child Stimulation:

The importance of early childhood stimulation can not be under estimated. A child’s brain develops rapidly during the first five years of life, especially the first three years. It is a time of rapid cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional and motor development. For example, a child learns many words starting at around 15–18 months. Rapid language learning continues into the preschool years.

Parent-child relationship:

A close relationship between the child and the parent (caregiver) is the best way to nourish the child’s growing brain. When a caregiver plays with and sings, speaks, reads or tells a story to the child and nurtures her or him with healthy food, love and affection, the child’s brain grows. Being healthy, interacting with caregivers and living in a safe and clean environment can make a big difference in a child’s growth, development and future potential.

King’s kid Creche uses the same principle to stimulate children to enhance developmental growth.Childhood stimulation

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